True. As a lawyer for 21 years (I also left Romania, as being a lawyer there was no longer feasible), I dearily love a good debate. Win or lose, I'd rather have a good debate than someone who just resorts to personal attacks or claims to have all the answers and there's no need or refuses to discuss. For those, I take a step back and retreat from the conversation. And if by this they think they won the argument, so much more the pity on them.

Some subjects are very sensible. The background of a person is very important. I would definitely say it is best not to get into a debate over your adversary's background, because everyone is different and the person we are today, is the sum of our past choices. We cannot debate or try to impose our point of view over someone else's background. It is sensible to touch discrimination for example, when one comes from a different background than the one discriminated against.

Internet nowadays, gives everyone a voice. A lot of people use it, but they don't use it in any other way than to vent their frustrations and demanding attention. Those are the worst people one can enter a debate against. Not only they would refuse to talk, but demand that you only listen...

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Foarte bune sfaturile, mulțumim!

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Acum vreo 12-14 ani am organizat dezbateri academice in format Oxford. Am abandonat din lipsa de interes din partea cadrelor didactice si a studentilor. Partea cu cititul e trist de acuta

Recent am fost intrebata de o copila de 6-7 ani daca " citesc ca vreau eu sa ca ma obliga mama mea ?!?"

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